Make Extra Money From Your Catalytic Converter

Posted on June 14, 2014

ConverterGuy.comI did not even know that my car had a catalytic converter until it went out, and my mechanic told me it was time to replace it. But, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it could be sold to a catalytic converter recycling company for cash. A catalytic converter is a component of the exhaust system. Catalytic converters have been required on automobiles in the United States since 1975.

Although catalytic converters are simple devices, it is amazing to see the tremendous impact they have on our environment. Their purpose is to convert three hazardous compounds into harmless carbon dioxide. In larger populated areas of our country, this can make a big difference. Scrap catalytic converter recycling is very important to the environment and will help you make a little extra money.

The reason scrap converters are worth money is because they contain the precious metals of platinum and palladium. Catalytic Converter recycling companies extract the precious metals. Often you will receive $40 to $50 dollars for each one, sometimes more depending on the converter. If you are like me, you did not even realize that these defective converters are still worth money even though they no longer work. Additionally, you are promoting the recycling of materials to aid in environmental management. for the best price for your used catalytic converter.